My Engagement Ring Story

I was never one of those girls who envisioned exactly how her engagement ring would look. After years of planning bridal shoots and writing wedding editorials, you would think I would have a detailed illustration of my dream ring. I guess I never had to think about it until recently when my now fianc?, Jason, asked me about the types of ring styles I prefer. After visiting various jewelers, I was overwhelmed with the myriad options. From color to clarity to cut to carat, I had officially entered the world of the ?Four C?s??I really think it should be called the ?Five C?s?- the last ?C? should stand for ?confusing?. IMG_9618 I decided to let him figure out the diamond details, and I was on the search for the perfect ring setting. While I was very impressed with the contemporary style selections, I didn?t find one that really spoke to me. I ended up checking out Antiques and Fine Jewelry by Pamela in Rochester, and boy, am I glad I did. Owner Pamela J. Krampf is a GIA Graduate Gemologist as well as a Certified Personal Property Appraiser, and she definitely has an eye for unique finds. The ultra feminine showroom features a wide array of quality antiques and precious jewelry. I tried on a few vintage engagement ring styles but Pamela mentioned that she had a special ring coming that I might fancy. IMG_9635 After patiently waiting, the ring finally came in. When she showed me the ring for the first time, I was enamored by the incredible amount of intricacy. The attention to detail was apparent at every angle of the art deco 1920-1930s custom mount ring.?The best part is that when I tried on the antique ring, it fit me perfectly. I didn?t even have to resize it. It?s difficult to explain the feeling but I just knew that it was the right ring for me. From that point on, I was no longer involved with the completion of the ring design. I later found out that Jason went to Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Michigan?s trusted jeweler since 1977, to purchase the diamond. The ?Round Forever After? shape and cut was the crowning complement to the ring setting. Vintage with a modern twist was the style I was going for, and the ring truly surpassed my vision. IMG_9628 I?m a hopeless romantic and I love the element of surprise, so I never thought I would be involved with the ring selection process. However, I?m glad I did participate because the ring represents the culmination of our teamwork, which is truly the foundation of our relationship. Plus, I still got my surprise factor with the picture-perfect proposal. It?s a pretty interesting story? Jason and I recently escaped to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to celebrate our four-year anniversary. He scheduled us a very special private photo session while we were there. During our photo shoot, the photographer took numerous pictures of us with gorgeous tropical surroundings. IMG_8585He then had us take some romantic beach shots. At the end of the shoot, he suggested that Jason gets on one knee to pretend like he is going to propose “just for fun”! We both started laughing and proceeded to stage the pose. After a few minutes worth of acting out the shot, Jason busted out with the ring and popped the question!!!! Of course I said YES!!! I was completely shocked and really wasn’t expecting the proposal, especially on the day before our anniversary. IMG_8816-2It was truly a magical moment. I put a lot of pressure on Jason to propose in a creative way, and he exceeded my expectations, as always. The photographer captured our priceless experience. IMG_8815He wanted to take a close-up shot of the ring, so I went to switch the ring Jason gave me when we first met to my other hand, and I accidentally dropped the ring into the ocean!!!!!! Shovels in hand, many people rushed to help us search for the ring. After around 20 minutes, this woman from Vancouver, Canada found the ring!!!!!! I can’t describe the rush of emotions I experienced at that moment. I was drenched with tears. I feel like the luckiest lady in the world. I’m very excited to embark on this new chapter of my life with the man of my dreams! IMG_8866

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  1. Write your comment here…am incredibly delighted to know that my charming niece is engaged to such an impressively handsome young man..both of u look so attractive,romantic,most importantly,head over heels in love with eachother..wish u a future marital life full of joy,pleasure,deddication,and peace of mind…it seems certain that after planting so much love and care to eachother,u will definitely reap nothing less than a roaring success in building an ever lasting nest housing the most fabulous couple i’ve ever heard of…

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